Weight Loss Spas

If you were thinking about trying something a little different to lose a few pounds while avoiding the gym and all the other frantically exercising health nuts with their one track minds and zero track topic of conversation, have you ever thought about taking yourself off to one of the great weight loss spas that are springing up everywhere you look these days? If you haven't and maybe are a little unsure just exactly what they are, this article might just help you to look at this pleasant alternative. So let's look at what weight loss spas actually are and how they can help you to lose weight.

Generic Health Farms

If you think about what the generic health farm is and the image it springs up in your mind of a demented drill sergeant screaming at you to do more press-ups in front of a line of dejected, overworked and undernourished fellow inmates, then a weight loss spa is nothing like it. In fact, these great spas are more like a vacation where you can do pretty much as you please. Well, that is while still remaining within the bounds of a calorie controlled diet with no naughty titbits to cheat with. Add o that a selection of activities to expend a few extra unwanted calories and you have a relaxing and un-pressured experience that is as close as a regular relaxing vacation can be while remaining functional as a means to lose some weight.

They really don't force you to do anything you don't want to do, while encouraging you to take part in a variety of activities that are designed to provide you with exercise that doesn't feel like the kind of exercise that you might think of as what you'd need to do in order to shed a few pounds. Of course, there is no sitting around doing nothing, or lounging around the pool sipping cocktails while munching tasty salt-laden high calorie snacks. Oh no!

Getting Active

You will be expected to do some activities that are fun and enjoyable while at the same time help you to improve your health and fitness levels which in turn help you to lose that weight! This is not as bad as it sounds as you will be amongst similarly motivated guests who are all there for the same reason. This is that they all want to lose weight, whilst doing just that in a relaxing, stress free way.

The activities will not put you under any pressure and will be carefully worked out so that you can do them without any danger of accident of mishap to yourself, while still being physically beneficial to your health and fitness levels. In addition to being active, there is also time to relax and chill out, which is most conducive to promoting positive thoughts and improving motivational feelings in preparation for your next period of activity.

Of course, there are also the pampering parts of the weight loss spa that have to be mentioned. These include body massage, saunas and steam baths, body mud packs plus the soothing spa pools themselves with the water massage, or hydrotherapy (if you prefer the proper name for it) jets to relieve tight muscles and sooth away the stresses of everyday life on the outside. The food is rather different from the lettuce leaf and raw carrot that often springs to mind when you imagine a health farm diet. Instead, there will be varied meals of all kinds created by fully qualified chefs that will be completely satisfying while remaining low calorie and nutritious.

All in all, weight loss spas are designed to provide their guests with an atmosphere conducive to providing viable and enjoyable weight loss solutions while remaining stress free and relaxing, entertaining and fun!