The Benefits of Salt Air Therapy

For someone who suffers with respiratory conditions, there is a wholly natural and drug-free alternative to corticosteroid inhalers and other medications.

Salt air inhalers provide a surprisingly potent treatment for conditions such as asthma, COPD, bronchitis and similar ailments that have symptoms involving breathing problems.

The effectiveness of salty air to relieve congested bronchial passages and help fight the infections that are largely responsible for a number of respiratory conditions has been known about for many years, although it is only relatively recently that the means to bring speleotherapy to people cheaply and in a convenient form: the salt pipe inhaler.

The Way It Was

Before this device became widely available and affordable, people had little option other than visiting the seaside, or if this were not possible, a salt mine to be able to breathe in air with the right level of saltiness to bring about a positive effect.

In certain European countries that do not have direct coastal access, a visit to the salt mines, once meted out as a punishment for criminals, proved to provide an effective treatment for breathing problems often brought about by polluted working conditions in factories and other employment in industrial areas.

In the UK and countries with relatively easy access to a coastline, a prolonged visit to a coastal town to partake of the salinity of the air became a family vacation for those in industrial jobs or living in areas with high levels of industry and its associated air pollution. So successful were these visits that they became an annual event, which lead to the modern annual seaside holiday.

Demand for a Convenient Option Grows

However, as the numbers of people suffering from breathing problems actually increased despite the decline in industrial air pollution, a two week vacation to the seaside was not enough to bring about a more long lasting relief from the symptoms. The solution was simple in design yet innovative in application.

Early salt pipes were made from porcelain as rock salt was too corrosive for the lighter plastics that were in use at the time. These were expensive and easily broken, which meant they were not popular.

But as manufacturing processes made it very cost effective to produce the high density plastics that were needed to enclose the corrosive salt solids that were used in the devices, prices dropped as the new robustness and portability increased the popularity of the new breed of inhalers with COPD and asthma sufferers.

Readily Available

Now these effective devices are commonplace and can even be bought online from specialist stores. They can be had at prices that are remarkably low considering the use to which they are put and the great relief they provide to sufferers along with a reduction in their reliance in corticosteroid inhalers and other medications.

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