Positive Thoughts

If anything is going to change the way your life is headed, assuming it is headed to a place you don't want it to go and want to turn it around, you are going to have to alter the way you think.

Now I know that at first, plenty of people will take a step back and come up with dozens of different reasons why they think their problem lies in some external circumstances.

But the truth is that, whether you believe it or not, everything that directs your life has its roots in your own thoughts and the way in which you think about things, circumstances and life itself.

Thoughts are Things

We have come a long way down the road of science and in particular the branch of physics known as quantum physics. Scientists have proof that thoughts are more than just mere meanderings that go on inside people's heads. They are measurable entities!

Thoughts can be measured and each thought has a frequency which can also be measured with the right equipment. So what, you may say. Well, this has huge implications for every person because it means that what you are thinking about and the kind of frequency that thought or series of thoughts is being generated on has a definite effect on the things around you. It all comes down to what is called the Law of Vibration.

The Law of Vibration

Everything vibrates on a frequency, because everything that exists is energy of one form or another. Energy is that part of substance that exists in subatomic structure that is the fundamental essence of everything. That means the vastness of outer space, huge galaxies, stars, planets; living creatures, the air we breathe and the water we drink are all made up of energy. And that energy is vibrating at a million different frequencies, which define its place in the frequency scale and its place in existence.

This mass of vibration is chaotic in one sense but also follows definite laws of physics. Essentially, a chunk of energy that vibrates on one frequency will be attracted to another chunk of energy that is vibrating on the same frequency, while not being attracted to energy vibrating on different frequencies.

The Law of Attraction

If you haven't already put the pieces together, here's how it works. Your thoughts are also made up of energy vibrating in a certain frequency. They will attract energy vibrating on the same frequency.

So if you are in a room full of people and another person is thinking similar thoughts to you or is feeling the same way as you, the two of you will be attracted in some way. You might not know it there and then, but an attractive force has been created that links the two of you that by the same token does not attract you to anyone else in the room.

Think about this: Prisoners that are released from maximum security jails after a long spell are well known to have a very high recidivism rate. Why is this when the prison reform system and community groups are doing so much to help offenders return to a normal life of "going straight"? A common joke is that as the prisoner leaves the prison, the guard comments, "You'll be back," while the released prisoner responds "Don't hold your breath."

But the truth is that the prison guard knows full well that he will be coming back and not only that but so does the prisoner. The reason for this is that prisoners that are locked up together for a long time tend to think along the same lines. What are they thinking?


What are they talking about?


So when they get outside, they naturally gravitate to other criminals on the outside because like attracts like and the saying "Birds of a feather stick together" is inherently true.

Watch Your Thoughts!

So be very careful what you are thinking about, but more importantly how you are feeling when you are thinking about things (see disciplinedthinking.com for more about disciplining your thought processes). If you habitually find yourself thinking about all the troubles in the world and feeling angry, upset, frustrated or resentful that these things are happening and spending a lot of time trying to set the worlds to right inside your own head, you could be attracting exactly that kind of thing into your own life.

You literally could be thinking despair, depression, lack and poverty and be getting exactly what you are thinking about because you are putting yourself on the same frequency of those things.

Reading newspapers and watching the news on TV are absolutely the worst things you can do because it is nearly always bad news! It gets you angry and frustrated that you can't do anything about all the bad things that happen that are being reported about. While you are in that frame of mind, you are attracting more things to be angry and frustrated about!

Turn Things Around

So how, if your life is dogged by disappointments, failures, lack, debt and despair, do you turn that around? Change the channel your thoughts are on. Just like you change the channel on the TV set if you don't want to watch what's on a particular channel, you can just as easily change the channel in your head and think about something different.

So if you're making yourself angry at a news story you just saw about starving kids in a poverty torn place in the world (or in your own State for that matter), stop thinking about it and start thinking about the last thing that happened to you that made you really happy. Think about an occurrence where you laughed out loud really hard at something that was really funny!

Use your imagination to go back to that occasion and relive it in your mind! You can do that because you have an imagination and that's what it's for. To imagine things with!

Don't just stop at that. Fill your thoughts with things that made you feel great, happy, warm and contented inside. You'll start feeling happy pretty quick! Now take that idea one step further. If you are having problems with debt, or shortage of money, stop focusing on the debt or the lack of money and start thinking about the times when you had a care-free, cash filled period in your life.

If you never had one, then imagine yourself having one now. Just don't let yourself think about anything negative. If a negative thought creeps in there, crowd it out with loads of great, positive thoughts of having more money than you can spend and while you are thinking it; actually feel like you are enjoying having lots of money.

If money is not the problem, but maybe it's a lack of love or a lack of contentment, then think thoughts of having a really contented life and sharing it with a person who loves you deeply. While you're thinking it, get yourself into the feeling place of it too.

A Gradual Process

While you may not see anything much happen right away, things will turn around and start getting better the longer and the more you do this. As long as you stop negative thoughts and emotions from getting into your head to sabotage your true desires, this will work over time.

If it's money you need but can't see how you're going to ever get it, don't fret and worry about that as fretting and worrying will squash any chance of any good coming to you. Let yourself feel prosperous and well off and you will get ideas on how to generate more income or you will attract a certain person or job offer that ends up in a raise in your income. And it will seem to come out of the blue.

But remember, you won't get very far just sitting in a chair dreaming of being wealthy and expect the money to just drop in your lap. That doesn't happen, at least not to many people.

You might wish to win the lottery, but don't hold your breath!

But sitting in that chair with a head full of positive imaginings on how you want your life to be will bring you ideas on what to do in order to make it become a reality. The unexpected can happen and an idea that might seem crazy at first could turn out to be the one that turns your life around for the better!

Author: Terence Robert Didcott (psychotherapist, hypnotherapist)