Avoiding Weight Gain while Working at a Desk

It may come as no great surprise, but by working at home at a desk all day, it's going to happen that you will gain weight and get badly out of shape. If you're in this situation, it might help you in some way by telling you how I avoid it!

One of the major problems that I got while working at home sitting at a desk in front of a computer all day was that I slowly but surely started to get out of shape and started to gain weight. This is not a good state to get into and can signal health problems down the line, so I was keen to start doing something about it. This is what I did.

Diet Plus Exercise

I knew that watching my diet was one side of this coin, but it was not the most important. That's because even with a perfect diet, sitting around all day will lead to muscle wastage and loss of vitality, energy and get up and go!

Exercise is the key to surviving the work at home problems of health and weight gain. To that end, I set about doing something that I enjoy while not letting it take up too much of my time.


The best exercise is walking for someone in my position. I'm not talking about merely strolling up and down the street for 10 minutes, then getting back to the desk. I'm talking about a serious 45 minute to an hour walk every morning.

Lucky for me, I live on the coast not too far from the beach, so a 15 minute walk there and back with a half hour or thereabouts walking along the beach is a good morning's exercise for me and it makes my day a much more pleasant one for getting that great start to it!

It's Not For Everyone

I know not everyone can do this, so I'm not trying to preach anything here, merely tell you what I do personally. It works for me and that exercise keeps my muscles working and healthy, which means a better metabolism to digest and utilize the food I eat better while burning the excess calories while I'm walking.

Of course, that walking is done at a pretty up beat pace, so that when I get back home after my walk, I feel like I've done something worthwhile, I'm a little out of breath and sweating nicely. Just what the doctor ordered.

If you're wondering where I got the idea from, there are a ton of great ideas to be had from some great websites related to health and weight maintenance. I just make it my business to stay informed by reading whatever is out there and making up my own mind as to what's valuable information and what isn't.

I even take a look at some weight loss solutions in that article I just linked to! Take a look for yourself. It's packed full of great ideas for ordinary folks like me and anyone who needs them!